"City of Dreams"

  • "Painting the broad strokes of a mystical world, the song travels beneath the depths of the ocean to Mori’s wildest imaginations of Atlantis." - Vents Magazine (3/25/16)
  • "City of Dreams, a hauntingly beautiful vocal, mixed with electronic sounds, and waves and seabirds lulling you with a chill-out vibe." EILE Magazine (3/24/16)
  • "The effort’s rich instrumentation, smart production, and Airi Mori’s inimitable vocals make this a must-listen." - NeuFutur Magazine (3/18/16)
  • "Like a modern portrayal of Alice in Wonderland, the track depicts a childlike view of a fantasy world through in a lush composition." - Electronic WOW (3/16/16)
  • "City of Dreams” explores exotic beauty in one moment and seamlessly shifts to an ominous sense of drama in the next." - New Music Weekly (March, 2016)
  • "Packed with quiet intensity and subtlety, “City of Dreams” is a soundtrack that carries the story without the need of visuals." - (3/14/16)


  • "Fading. This song is packed with cool and light beats, sweeping synth notes and a clean electronic aesthetic, recalling the bright sound of nineties dance pop. Navigated by the driving force of the beat, the song has a captivating rhythm as it drifts through a light and wondrous contemplation of love. Her smooth vocals navigate this song so effortlessly and are quite hypnotic!" - Caesar Live N Loud (2/18/16)
  • "Airi Mori proves an eclectic and unpredictable musical force. We can only anticipate more sonic beauty as the artist continues to pave her musical path." - Vents Magazine (12/4/2015)


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  • DVD "1"- Single "Heartbeat" Featured as the endroll theme in a dance artist Kento Mori's dance compilation DVD "1" (April 22, 2015 Sony Music Japan International). (→DVD info)